Unforgettable Wedding at Wild Ducks: Trolley'd Catering in Southern Highlands

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Two people dancing at Wild Ducks wedding, one in a wedding dress, other in feathered costume.

On the 16th of March, 2019, JP and PG's wedding at the breathtaking Wild Ducks venue in Burrawang, Southern Highlands, became an event that will be remembered by all who attended. Trolley'd had the immense pleasure of catering this unique and beautiful wedding, which transformed the picturesque landscape into an enchanting celebration of love, unity, and joy.

Pictures: Tim da-Rin

The Venue: Wild Ducks vs. Bendooley Estate, Berrima

Wild Ducks in Burrawang offers a unique charm that sets it apart from other Southern Highlands wedding venues, such as Bendooley Estate in Berrima. While Bendooley Estate is known for its historic ambiance and stunning vineyards, Wild Ducks provides an intimate, rustic setting surrounded by natural beauty. The serene environment, with its lush greenery and tranquil water features, created a magical backdrop for JP and PG's wedding ceremony and reception.

The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place under the open sky, with nature providing a perfect canvas. The couple exchanged their vows amidst a sea of loved ones, with the soothing sounds of nature complementing the heartfelt words shared between JP and PG. The setup was simple yet elegant, reflecting the couple's love for nature and their commitment to sustainability. This setting offered an intimate and deeply personal atmosphere that captivated everyone present.

A Reception to Remember

As the ceremony transitioned into the reception, Trolley'd ensured that every detail was meticulously taken care of. Our mobile bar, repurposed from vintage airline trolleys, added a unique touch to the festivities. We crafted bespoke cocktails using locally sourced, organic ingredients, which were a hit among the guests. The drinks menu was tailored to reflect JP and PG's preferences, offering a delightful mix of classic and innovative concoctions.

Culinary Delights

The catering for JP and PG's wedding was a true feast for the senses. We collaborated with local producers to bring the freshest and most delicious flavours to the table. From gourmet canapés to a sumptuous buffet, every dish was prepared with care and creativity. The emphasis on sustainability and quality shone through, making the dining experience memorable for all.

Entertainment and Ambiance

The entertainment for the evening was nothing short of spectacular. DJs and live musicians kept the energy high, ensuring the dance floor was never empty. The evening was filled with laughter, dance, and joy, creating a festive atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple's vibrant personalities.

A Heartfelt Thank You

JP and PG's gratitude for everyone involved was evident in their heartfelt thank you note:

"Dear dear dear beloved wedding superstars!

We do not know how to thank ALL, each and every one of you. You all contributed in your own special, incredibly generous, creative, and hands-on ways to make the 16th of March 2019 the best festival of our lives!!! So, first and foremost, thank you all so much for being there, braving the elements, and taking the time to be with us!

It was a tremendous team effort - it would not have been possible without all of you."

This message encapsulates the love and appreciation JP and PG felt towards their friends, family, and everyone who made their day so special.

Unique Elements and Personal Touches

JP and PG's wedding was filled with unique elements and personal touches that reflected their love story. From the beautifully decorated lovers' swing to the creative treasure hunt organised by their friends, every detail was thoughtfully planned. These personal touches added a layer of intimacy and individuality to the celebration, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

The Beauty of Wild Ducks

Wild Ducks proved to be the perfect venue for this extraordinary wedding. Its natural beauty and serene environment provided a stunning backdrop for both the ceremony and reception. Compared to Bendooley Estate in Berrima, Wild Ducks offered a more intimate and personalised experience, which resonated deeply with JP and PG's vision for their special day.

Trolley'd: Elevating Wedding Catering

At Trolley'd, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional wedding catering services that go beyond expectations. For JP and PG's wedding, we brought our expertise, creativity, and passion for sustainability to create an unforgettable experience. From the bespoke cocktails to local organic wine and craft beer, every element was designed to enhance the celebration and reflect the couple's unique style.

A Celebration of Love and Sustainability

JP and PG's wedding was not only a celebration of their love but also a testament to their commitment to sustainability. At Trolley'd, we share this commitment and strive to incorporate eco-friendly practices in everything we do. Our use of repurposed airline trolleys, locally sourced ingredients, and sustainable methods helped to create a wedding that was both beautiful and kind to the planet.

The Legacy of JP & PG's Wedding

JP and PG's wedding at Wild Ducks will be remembered as a joyous and magical celebration that brought together friends, family, and nature in perfect harmony. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments, all made possible by the collective efforts of everyone involved. As we look back on this beautiful wedding, we are filled with gratitude and pride for being part of such a special occasion.


JP and PG's wedding at Wild Ducks in the Southern Highlands was a truly extraordinary event that showcased the best of what wedding catering and event planning can achieve. With Trolley'd at the helm, the celebration was marked by exquisite drinks, delicious food, and an atmosphere of joy and togetherness. The unique charm of Wild Ducks, combined with JP and PG's personal touches, created a wedding that will be remembered and cherished by all who attended.

As we reflect on this beautiful day, we are reminded of the power of love and community to create magical moments that last a lifetime. Thank you, JP and PG, for allowing us to be part of your incredible journey. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy together.

For couples looking to create their own unforgettable wedding experience, we invite you to explore the magic of Wild Ducks and the exceptional services offered by Trolley'd. Let us help you turn your dream wedding into a reality, with bespoke catering that reflects your unique love story and commitment to sustainability. Contact us today to start planning your perfect day in the Southern Highlands.

JP and PG, dressed in stunning feathered costumes, smile joyfully during their wedding ceremony at Wild Ducks in the Southern Highlands. The lush greenery and unique attire highlight the vibrant and personalized nature of their special day.

JP and PG, dressed in stunning feathered costumes, smile joyfully during their wedding ceremony at Wild Ducks in the Southern Highlands. The lush greenery and unique attire highlight the vibrant and personalized nature of their special day.

Two children dressed in adorable costumes play near the Trolley'd bar at JP and PG's wedding in Wild Ducks, Southern Highlands. The charming outdoor setting and playful atmosphere highlight the family-friendly and joyous nature of the celebration.

JP, dressed in a stunning feathered costume, and a guest in a unique hat and attire, smile together during the wedding celebration at Wild Ducks in the Southern Highlands. The festive and creative atmosphere highlights the unique charm and personal touches of the event.
Guests in vibrant attire enjoy drinks at the Trolley'd bar during JP and PG's wedding at Wild Ducks in the Southern Highlands. The lively scene features a mixologist preparing cocktails and guests mingling, highlighting the fun and unique atmosphere of the celebration.
The bride, wearing a feathered headpiece, converses with guests near the Trolley'd bar during JP and PG's wedding at Wild Ducks in the Southern Highlands. The vibrant and festive scene captures the joy and unique charm of the celebration.


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