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A dynamic scene from a Trolley'd cocktail class with participants in high spirits, clinking glasses filled with freshly mixed pink cocktails, showcasing the joy of learning and socializing at a mixology event. A dynamic scene from a Trolley'd cocktail class with participants in high spirits, clinking glasses filled with freshly mixed pink cocktails, showcasing the joy of learning and socializing at a mixology event.
Hand-drawn illustration of the Trolley'd mobile cocktail bar by artist James Gulliver Hancock, featuring a vintage-style gray cart with blue wheels, embellished with a logo showing a winged 'T' encircled by laurel wreaths. The cart is fully stocked with various bottles and cocktail glasses, ready to serve at any event.

Let's get the party started.

Buckle up and prepare to embark on a unique cocktail journey with Trolley'd, Australia's first sustainably-focused bar company. Our fleet of upcycled airline trolleys—perfectly engineered for smooth service—delivers an exceptional mobile bar experience to any location, from urban centres to remote outback destinations.

A unique mobile bar setup in an outdoor setting, featuring stainless steel Trolley'd cocktail stations positioned in front of a vintage airplane with visible propellers. The bar units are equipped with various compartments and professional bar tools, highlighting an innovative and thematic event catering solution.

Whether it's a corporate gala, wedding, or private celebration, our crew ensures your event soars above the rest with a dash of environmental elegance.

A discerning bartender in a vintage pilot uniform examines a glass of fine beverage behind a Trolley'd mobile bar, set against a modern home backdrop, blending classic charm with contemporary luxury event styling.

Soar above the ordinary with Trolley'd—where First Class Service, and partying doesn't cost the Earth.


Why Fly with Trolley'd?

Sustainable Sky High Spirits:
We're pioneering the fusion of eco-friendly practices with luxury events. We pride ourselves on foraging wild, forgotten foods and sourcing ancient, ethical ingredients from First Nations peoples, crafting these into modern twists on classic cocktails.

Themed mobile bar scene with a vibrant redhead woman in a blue stewardess uniform, smiling and holding a cocktail, flanked by two male pilots in traditional uniforms with sunglasses. They stand behind a mobile bar, elegantly set with champagne and cocktail glasses, creating a playful and retro airline atmosphere.

Cockpit Cool:
Our bars, cleverly crafted from vintage airline carts, come fully stocked and crewed by top-flight mixologists. Our commitment extends to every aspect of our service—from locally sourced botanicals to our innovative use of upcycled materials

Elegant cocktail preparation at Trolley'd mobile bar, showcasing a mixologist pouring a clear, refreshing drink into a classic cocktail glass. The scene is set with a stainless steel bar top featuring a jigger, multiple bottles including a champagne and a clear spirits bottle, and a pair of blue sunglasses, enhancing the sophisticated outdoor bar ambiance.

Flexible Flight Plans:
Customise your event with an array of options including local craft beers, minimal intervention local wines, and a full suite of cocktails and mocktails, ensuring every guest finds their perfect sip. Our service is designed to adapt to your event's specific needs, with mocktail versions available for every drink, catering to the conscious sipping crowd, at Trolley'd we believe in Quality over Quantity.

An exuberant cocktail crafting moment at a Trolley'd event, with a joyful woman in a playful apron shaking a mixer, her laughter and energy perfectly encapsulating the festive atmosphere of a stylish cocktail party

Our Fleet

Mobile bars & event gear made from repurposed airline trolleys. 
Vintage mobile bar units by Trolley'd, uniquely positioned in front of a weathered aircraft with a metallic finish and red accents. The scene showcases the bar's rugged industrial design with visible steel and wood elements, complemented by a set of clear glass bottles and stainless steel bar tools, perfect for aviation-themed events.

Copper Airline Trolley Bar

Step aboard a journey of elegance with our Copper Airline Trolley Bar, a perfect blend of luxury and sophistication that promises to elevate your event with its unique charm and our exquisite cocktail service.

Fresh espresso being brewed into a branded cup at Trolley'd mobile espresso bar. The image focuses on the rich coffee stream from the machine's spout, with a blurred background featuring stacked white cups and a stainless steel milk jug, highlighting the professional quality and care of Trolley'd's coffee service.

Coffee Cart Hire

Indulge in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at your next event with Trolley’d Coffee Cart Hire, offering bespoke espresso services that transform any gathering into an occasion to remember.

Arcade Trolley

Boosted with a retro gaming emulator & wi-fi projector enabling you to play hundreds of arcade & console games.

Top Shelf Trolley

For martini lovers and sky-high revellers.

Punch Trolley

Set the scene and start your party with a wild, foraged punch.

DJ Trolley

With professional AV sound and party lighting with plug-ins available for Wego, CDJ & turntables.

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