Backstage & Green Room Services

Neon sign reading 'Artist Area' at Pitch Music & Arts Festival with colorful sky background Neon sign reading 'Artist Area' at Pitch Music & Arts Festival with colorful sky background

Experience the Ultimate with Trolley'd Backstage & Green Room Services

Welcome to Trolley'd, your first-class ticket to exceptional backstage and green room services. Our green room bar and backstage bar services are tailored for artists, VIPs, and event crews who deserve nothing but the best. When you choose Trolley'd, you’re not just getting a bar; you’re soaring to new heights of hospitality.

Bartender in aviator outfit serving drinks from a repurposed airline trolley at Pitch Music & Arts Festival

Smooth Takeoff with Our Green Room Bar

Our green room bar service is designed to ensure a seamless pre-show experience. We offer a variety of premium beverages, all served from our iconic repurposed airline trolleys. Whether it's a quick refuel or a leisurely layover, our green room bar ensures every artist and VIP is catered to with top-tier professionalism.

Two Trolley'd bartenders dressed as flight crew, mixing drinks in front of the Sony Foundation Australia 'You Can' event backdrop

Backstage Bar for VIP Treatment

Trolley'd takes the backstage bar experience to new altitudes. Our skilled bartenders, who double as exceptional artist liaisons, provide a customized bar service that adds a touch of class and comfort. From craft cocktails to refreshing mocktails, our backstage bar selection is curated to please every palate.

Two Trolley'd bartenders dressed as pilots, serving drinks and having fun at Flight Club, with a creative bar setup in the background

Artist Services That Soar Above the Rest

At Trolley'd, we understand that exceptional artist services are essential for a successful event. Our dedicated artist liaison team ensures every detail is handled with precision, allowing artists to focus on their performance. Our green room and backstage bars are equipped to meet the unique needs of artists, making us the preferred choice for premier events.

Close-up of a bartender pouring a cocktail at Trolley'd Bar during Pitch Music & Arts Festival

Experience VIP Treatment with Trolley'd

Enhance your event with Trolley'd's backstage and green room services. We pride ourselves on delivering a VIP bar experience that’s unrivaled. With our aviation-themed service, your event will take off smoothly and land perfectly. Choose Trolley'd for your next event and experience the difference in artist and VIP bar services.

Colorful and whimsical bar setup by Trolley'd at Pitch Music & Arts Festival, featuring repurposed airline seats and vibrant decorations

Fly higher with Trolley'd, where every event is a first-class journey.
Book our green room and backstage bar services today and let us make your event unforgettable.



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Smiling pilot-themed bartender serving cocktails at Trolley'd Bar during Pitch Music & Arts Festival

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