Cocktail Making Classes

A meticulously crafted cocktail with a vibrant red base and frothy top, adorned with a sprig of mint and a twisted orange peel garnish, ready for participants to enjoy in a Trolley'd mixology class. A meticulously crafted cocktail with a vibrant red base and frothy top, adorned with a sprig of mint and a twisted orange peel garnish, ready for participants to enjoy in a Trolley'd mixology class.

Prepare for takeoff with Trolley’d, the leader in Australia's mobile bar scene. Our fleet of upcycled airline trolleys—now full-fledged mobile bars—lands directly at your event, ready to serve up a storm. Ideal for corporate team-building, hen's dos, and bespoke gatherings, our cocktail classes deliver a hands-on experience, crafting drinks with sustainably foraged and ethically sourced Australian native ingredients.

Why Choose Trolley'd?

Mobile Convenience

We park our bar at your venue, anywhere in Australia, making it a cinch to lift your spirits.

Sustainability First

With a focus on ethically sourced bush tucker, locally sourced organic / biodynamic ingredients and foraged wild foods, we champion eco-friendly sipping.

Education with Altitude

Dive into the art of cocktail making through engaging discussions on environmental ethics and innovative mixology techniques. Whether you're a novice or seasoned mixer, our top-tier mixologists will help you earn your wings in crafting both spirited and non-alcoholic concoctions.

Outdoor cocktail class with Trolley'd bar setup, as a bartender serves guests in a sunlit garden party, creating a lively and elegant atmosphere.
Hand pouring a cocktail through a strainer into elegant coupe glasses, showcasing the precision and care in Trolley'd's cocktail crafting process for a Hen's party.

Tailor Made Taste Journeys

Our cocktail classes are customised to fit your event's theme and vibe, from exploring native botanicals to concocting environmentally conscious drinks. We cater to all skill levels, from novice enthusiasts to seasoned sippers.

Secure Your Boarding Pass

Book a Trolley’d cocktail class for your next do and guarantee your mates not only a cracking mixology session but also a chance to contribute to a greener planet. Reach out to chart your course to an extraordinary event filled with top-notch mixology.

Climb aboard with Trolley'd and experience a world-class journey in taste and sustainability.


Get high without the hangover.

For conscious sippers, our syrups are alcohol-free so class attendees not only learn which spirits best complement the bases, we also provide pairing suggestions with more sobering elixirs for each of them, doubling their alchemic worth.

A bartender preparing a cocktail with a group of people enjoying the experience in the background.
A vibrant scene from a Trolley'd cocktail masterclass showing a bartender teaching a couple how to prepare a fresh cocktail. The man, smiling, pours a bright pink drink into glasses as an enthusiastic woman watches. The setting is casual and colorful, highlighted by the distinct industrial aesthetic of a repurposed airline trolley, adding a unique charm to the experience.

A boarding pass for every destination.

Perfect for fun corporate ice breaking activities, hens and bucks parties, first dates, or for friends and families looking for a memorable and unique way to kick start a party, our array of classes will land you confidently in the pilot seat by teaching you how to create 3-4 of our signature cocktails.

Navigate the World of Cocktails with Trolley'd’s Diverse Class Offerings

Amidst a modern kitchen backdrop, an animated group gathers around a sleek marble countertop, engrossed in the art of cocktail making. A bartender, adorned in a dapper apron, expertly pours spirits into a shaker while patrons eagerly observe, surrounded by an array of premium ingredients and barware. The scene exudes an air of sophistication and camaraderie, inviting viewers to join in the refined revelry of mixology mastery.

Hens Party Cocktail Class

Celebrate a hen's party with flair by booking one of Trolley'd's best cocktail classes, perfectly crafted for fun and engagement. Delight in creating bespoke cocktails, ensuring a memorable, interactive experience that mixes laughter with a dash of mixology magic.

Corporate Cocktail Making Class

Take team building to new heights with a Trolley'd corporate cocktail making masterclass, designed for both spirited and alcohol-free options. These engaging sessions not only boost teamwork but also spark insightful discussions on sustainability, blending fun with learning.

A mixology class participant, dressed as an airline pilot, is pouring a cocktail through a strainer into a coupe glass, with attendees mixing their own drinks in the background of an outdoor bar setting.

Wild & Foraged Cocktail Class

Begin with a foraging walk, exploring and discussing the ethics of using local and ancient bush foods. Continues with a hands-on cocktail class, where you'll learn to craft both spirited and non-alcoholic beverages, deepening your appreciation for sustainability and the art of mixology in a fun, engaging environment.


Iconic silhouette of a wine glass filled with wine, set against a solid black background. This simple yet elegant representation is ideal for promoting Trolley'd wine glass workshops, designed for enthusiasts eager to enhance their wine tasting skills.

Wine Course

Explore the world of wines with our award-winning sommelier in our specialised wine classes. Dive deep into varietals, vineyards, and vintages, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of local fine wines in an engaging and expert-led setting.

Custom Classes

Design the perfect cocktail class tailored specifically for your event, no matter the size. Our customisable courses can adapt to any setting or theme, ensuring your guests enjoy a unique and memorable experience crafted just for them.

A black Wi-Fi symbol featuring concentric arcs emanating from a point, representing the wireless network services offered by Trolley'd. This icon highlights the modern amenities provided at Trolley'd events, ensuring guests remain connected while enjoying their experience.

Online Classes

Join a virtual cocktail class, led by expert mixologists, and discover the art of crafting exquisite drinks from the comfort of your home or office. Perfect your skills in mixing & shaking, all through a live, interactive online format that promises high flying fun.

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, work, and create.
We pay our deepest respects to their Elders, past, present, and emerging, and recognize the profound wisdom, knowledge, and cultural heritage they hold.
We extend our gratitude for their custodianship of this land and the ongoing connection they maintain with Country.
We are committed to learning from and working in partnership with First Nations people to promote cultural respect, understanding, and reconciliation.
Always Was, Always Will Be