Event: The Town Festival

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Event: The Town Festival

The Town Festival 2017

Over the Easter long weekend, Trolley'd had the sublime fortune to be swept into the enchanting embrace of the Town Festival, orchestrated by the ingenious minds at Culture Jam. Nestled within the mystical Strathbogie ranges, a mere jaunt north of Melbourne, this was no ordinary festival. It was an ephemeral utopia, a sustainable town erected amidst a forest of native trees, celebrating the avant-garde spirit of local artists and theatre.

A Symphony of Sustainability

Imagine, if you will, a vibrant, pulsating village that rises and falls with the tide of festivity, leaving nary a trace in its wake. Everything brought in was taken out, a testament to our collective ambition for zero waste. It was as if the forest itself conspired to host a gathering of kindred souls, each as open-minded and spirited as the next, all dancing to the rhythm of sustainability.

Cocktails Amidst the Canopy

Amid this verdant wonderland, Trolley'd stood as a beacon of eco-conscious revelry. Our bar, a marvel of upcycled airline trolleys and organic spirits, blended seamlessly into the ethos of the festival. Each cocktail was a dialogue between nature and nurture, a symphony of flavours that paid homage to the land and its bounty.

Captain Byron and the Fellowship of Fun

Guided by the charismatic Captain Byron, our team of mixologists brought a touch of alchemical magic to the event. With every shake and stir, we crafted not just drinks, but memories, each sip a moment etched in the collective consciousness of the festival-goers.

Looking Forward to the Next Dance

As the sun set on this enchanted Easter weekend, we left the Strathbogie ranges with hearts full of gratitude and a promise to return. The Town Festival was more than an event; it was a testament to what is possible when creativity, community, and sustainability converge. Here’s to the next glorious collaboration of fun, frivolity, and eco-friendly festivity.

 Event: The Town Festival Event: The Town Festival Event: The Town Festival

Event: The Town Festival  

Event: The Town Festival

Event: The Town Festival

Event: The Town Festival

Event: The Town Festival

 Event: The Town Festival

Event: The Town Festival  Event: The Town Festival Event: The Town Festival

Event: The Town Festival


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