Cocktail Recipe: Spicy Scorpion Pineal Enhancer

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Cocktail Recipe: Spicy Scorpion Pineal Enhancer

Recently at Trolley'd HQ we've been experimenting with "extra dimensions" in our drinks and ways of enhancing this experience. One of the ways we've found is to enhance the Pineal Gland, often referred to as the 'seat of the soul' or the 'third eye'. We've been working towards a higher state of consciousness  by increasing our intake of raw Cacao beans, yes, the same stuff the kids in Berlin have been sticking up their noses and sticking in kale smoothies.

This tasty spicy cocktail incorporating these delectable edible insects also takes into account the resource intensive, climate screwing production of animal protein and brings to awareness the use of insects, we love insects (& arachnids) at Trolley'd and what better time to introduce some scorpions than with this piquant tipple.


 50ml Blue Flax Lily & Riberry white spirit*                                                                                        

 20 ml lemon juice                                                                                                                          

 10ml chipotle Handsome Devil Hot Sauce                                                                                        

bar spoon non pasteurised honey**                                                                                               

Shake & strain, garnish with shaved raw cacao and a pepper berry dusted scorpion***

Cocktail Recipe: Spicy Scorpion Pineal Enhancer

*when in season we forage Blue Flax Lillies and Riberries, stick them into sugar to create syrups.  We allow them to cold macerate, strain off the marc, dehydrate and stick into white spirits for a couple of months, generally a blend of gin, vodka & white rum. Get in touch if you want more info or alternatively sign up for our bar tending course.

**We choose The Urban Beehive rooftop honey, local and non pasteurised. Flavours vary depending on locality. 

***Dip the scorpions butt into honey so as it sticks to the glass and looks fancy, we get our insects from the Edible Bug Shop

Cocktail Recipe: Spicy Scorpion Pineal Enhancer


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