Cocktail Recipe: Pink Magma | Husk Distillery

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Cocktail Recipe: Pink Magma | Husk Distillery

The Husk distillery was a bit of a midlife crisis project for Paul Messenger. He left the life of a geologist to follow his true passion - rum. After tasting his creations, you can almost channel his journey. All of life’s stresses are smoothly washed away as his Husk rum warms your insides in the truest sense.

Under the gaze of Wollumbin - ‘cloud catcher’ in Bundjalung language - Paul & his family have developed the certified organic paddock on their breathtaking property to bottle Rhum Agricole. The sugar cane is grown, crushed, fermented & distilled on site with cattle on stand-by in the field next door to eat up the waste mash. 

While most other rums are derived from molasses, at Husk they ferment the sugar cane juice rather than using the byproduct of sugar production. Much like cachaca, or the French colonial Rhum Agricole, it lends itself to a light fresh vegetal flavour that is great for cocktails.

The farm is on the bank of the Tweed river, Tumbelgum, a small town that appeared as the “red gold”.  Toona ciliata got turned into furniture and gives one of the aged rums its name. Aged in new American oak barrels, the northern rivers climate with its high-temperature range is perfect for ageing rum.

To the west there is preserved ancient forest harbouring Gondwana flora like Podocarpus Elatus (Illawarra plum) one of our much loved flavours. Twenty million years ago lava would have been pouring out of the massive volcano, Wollumbin, gushing down to form the Tweed valley, mountains & reefs of the area. So much to consider as you sip on a glass of Tumbelgum rum.

Inspired by the majestic location & local ingredients we took a bottle of the ‘north coast bar series’ back to Flight Club. The non-aged cane spirit felt like it would be at home as a Pisco Sour. To make it feel more comfortable we mixed it up with the local flavours of lemon scented myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora) & Illawarra Plum (Podocarpus Elatus).

Pink Magma 


60ml North Coast Bar Series                                          

40ml fresh lemon

25ml lemon myrtle syrup

10ml Illawarra plum tannic tincture

1 egg white



Dry shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker before adding ice, shake like a maniac, strain into a chilled cocktail class.



A sophisticated flavour of mingled cane spirit & citrus, finishing with a dry fruit flavour from the tannic tincture.

 Cocktail Recipe: Pink Magma | Husk Distillery


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