Shamanic Negroni

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Shamanic Negroni

Psychoactive plants have been used for thousands of years to enhance the experience and understanding of civilisations all around the world. Given that Negroni week and World Gin Day fell in the same week, we thought we’d create a cocktail that pays homage to this idea.

It’s a definite extension on the original idea of ‘dutch courage’, thought to have originated in reference to soldiers drinking genever before battle in Spain, hundreds of years ago. If only the soldiers had something like this to wet their lips with before going to battle. Perhaps a new term would have been coined. Everyone needs a little bit of Trolley’d courage for those significant occasions.

This is a Shamanic Negroni. Whilst we wont suggest any cleansing diets before consumption, feel free to put on your whites and play some chanting music whilst attempting this at home. This cocktail contains saffron, blue lotus flower and damiana, and is the first in our series of 3D Cocktails. We hope you feel elated and enlightened after drinking this one, enjoy!

To replace the Campari we've made our bitters by infusing spirits with :

- Wormwood

- Dehydrated finger lime skins

- Dehydrated Illawarra plum pulp

- Damiana

- Saffron - A word of caution in regards to the saffron - not only because it costs more than it's weight in gold!  Excess consumption can be dangerous, please do your research and start with a small amount while you determine your tolerance levels.

To replace the Vermouth we've made a summer wine which is a ferment of seasonal red fruits. 

Mix the bitters and summer wine in equal parts with a good quality local gin. Stir, until dilution is adequate to taste. Pour over ice and garnish with lemon myrtle leaf and local astro-botanicals.


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