Exploring Australian Native Viola hederacea

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Urban Foraging Australian Native Violets

Welcome to our latest update from the urban jungle of city life where we engage in recent forage activities! Our food mission took an exciting turn this week as we delved into the world of Australian native plants, specifically targeting the delightful Australian Native Violets.

Foraging in urban areas can be a surprisingly fruitful endeavor, and our focus this time was gathering ingredients for a unique culinary creation: Australian Native Cocktails. These aromatic violets are not only beautiful but are fantastic flavor enhancers.

This week, I had a wonderful little assistant - Hendrix. His enthusiasm for our project made the experience even more enjoyable. Hendrix proved to be quite adept at spotting the lush, vibrant clumps of Australian Native Violets nestled discreetly among the urban landscape. Check out some pics from our most recent forage where you can see Hendrix in action, diligently collecting these tiny treasures.

Australian Native Violets (Viola hederacea) thrive in the cooler and shadier parts of the city, making them a common yet often overlooked gem in urban foraging. Their leaves and flowers are both edible, offering a sweet and subtle flavor that is perfect for infusing into drinks or garnishing dishes.

Embarking on a food mission to forage for Australian Native Violets not only adds a touch of wild to our urban dining experiences but also connects us with the environment, prompting us to learn more about the native flora that thrives in our immediate surroundings. Plus, it's a great way to involve kids in nature and teach them about sustainable practices.

If you're interested in urban foraging, always remember to forage responsibly. Ensure that you have proper identification for plants, and always forage away from polluted areas and with sustainability in mind to ensure that these plants can continue to thrive in the wild.

Our attempts to blend the old with the new by using native Australian plants in modern cuisine have opened up a whole new palette of flavors. Our experience with Australian Native Violets is just the beginning. We hope it inspires you to explore and appreciate the natural bounty that lies waiting, often unnoticed, in our bustling city environments.


Hendrix helping collect Australian native violets during our urban foraging


Close-up of Australian native violets picked during our recent forage


Australian native violets lying in a basket post-collection


Preparing violets for Australian native cocktails after urban foraging session


Freshly foraged Australian native violets ready for use in cocktails


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