Video: Forage By The Butterfly Armoury

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Red apples growing on a wild apple tree on the side of the road in overgrown grass.

Recently we went on a roadside forage down in the Southern Highlands and had the pleasure of being accompanied by uber talented film maker Rob Macdonald from The Butterfly Armoury. 


We spent most of the day along the Illawarra Highway picking roadside apples and plums, so many old varieties growing that are no longer around on shop shelves. As the day finished we ended up in Burrawang picking some Barberries and Blackberries.

The Barberries we've started to turn into vinegar using natural wild yeasts to put into shrubs, a lot of the apples ended up in Kombucha and the blackberries went into some cool refreshing cocktail blends which worked perfectly with some Lilly Pillies.

A massive thanks once again to Rob for he's super stylish vid, look forward to hanging again in the future.



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