The Trolley'd Lemon Myrtle Syrup is an evolution of an Oleo Saccharum, a classic punch base that uses sugars hygroscopic properties to extract the oil from the skins of the lemon. The Oleo Saccharum (oil sugar which separates and sits on top) is combined with the remaining sugar, and a tisane made from Lemon Myrtle leaves to create what is referred to as a sherbet. This great versatile syrup can be combined with fresh citrus and your favourite booze to created the tastiest cocktails. Mix it with fresh lemon and soda for a Lemon Myrtle Lemonade - "that cool refreshing drink’.

Following are instructions on how to prepare your own syrup from home. If you don’t have Lemon Myrtle leaves to hand, you can purchase them from us either as a single portion or by purchasing one of our cocktail kits.