Discover the Classic Sidecar Cocktail: Unraveling its European Origins and Trolley'd's Irresistible Recipe

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Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

Transport yourself to the dazzling era of post-World War 1 Europe, where the illustrious Sidecar cocktail emerged as a testament to timeless elegance and taste. Born amidst the Trans-English Channel rivalry, this libation's origins remain a delightful mystery, with both the Ritz Carlton in Paris and The Bucks Club in London vying for the honour of its invention. However, one fascinating tale links it to the legendary sidecar that ferried an American Army General to and from the iconic Harry's Bar in Paris.

The traditional recipe for the Sidecar calls for equal parts Brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice. At Trolley'd, we embrace the spirit of innovation, adding a touch more Brandy to our rendition, ensuring our drinks impart a delightful boldness and depth. We believe in cocktails that give a little back, leaving an indelible mark on every sip.

So, here's Trolley'd's coveted Sidecar recipe, accompanied by a captivating image of this classic cocktail in action at the esteemed Chow Bar & Eating House in Sydney:

Trolley'd's Signature Sidecar Recipe:

- 45 ml Brandy (Opt for the delightful Frapin VSOP, an excellent entry-level Cognac)
- 20 ml Trolley'd Lemon Myrtle Syrup
- 30 ml fresh lemon juice


1. Shake all of the ingredients vigorously to perfection.
2. Double strain the enticing concoction into a chilled Coupette cocktail glass, elegantly rimmed with sugar.

At Trolley'd, we are passionate about preserving cocktail traditions and curating unforgettable experiences. The world of Sidecar cocktails awaits, and Trolley'd is your key to unlocking the secrets of this timeless libation.

So, raise a glass to the bygone era of European elegance, and let the Sidecar transport you to a realm of refined indulgence. Cheers to classic sophistication and the art of mixology!

Need to elevate your next Soiree? Get Trolley'd!


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