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Let's Go Green Together.

Trolley'd stands proudly as Australia's pioneering mobile bar and events company, passionately embracing the harmonious blend of sustainability, native Australian ingredients, foraged delights, and locally sourced organic produce. We wholeheartedly champion a vision of a thriving planet, where the core tenets of "reduce, reuse, recycle, regenerate" reverberate throughout every facet of our production line.

Driven by an unwavering mission to elevate the world around us, we are resolute in our commitment to leaving a positive imprint upon the Earth. With each sip of our ethereal concoctions, we strive to create a ripple effect of environmental consciousness, knowing that even the smallest actions can collectively ignite transformative change, propelling us towards a future that is not just brighter, but also kinder to the planet we call home

We honour and respect the cultural heritage of Australia's First Nations people through our meticulous use of native Australian ingredients. With utmost reverence, we engage in sustainable partnerships with Indigenous communities, ensuring that the sourcing and utilization of these precious resources align with traditional practices and principles. By incorporating native botanicals, herbs, and fruits, we strive to showcase the profound connection between land and libations, paying homage to the wisdom and ancestral knowledge passed down through generations.

Through our offerings, we seek to share this wealth of knowledge respectfully, ensuring that the beauty and heritage of these traditions are passed on with the utmost reverence. Trolley'd embraces a journey of culinary discovery that respects and celebrates the living heritage of this ancient land.

Join us on a journey where sustainability meets exceptional taste, elevating your event to extraordinary heights. Unlock the power of eco-conscious indulgence with Trolley'd, and let your event shine with purpose and style.

With over ten years of seasoned experience, our ambassadors have worked with top brands and venues to develop and deliver innovative cocktails and carefully crafted signature serves that stand out against the crowd. With a sprinkle of ancient wisdom, our focus is on quality over quantity, and taking our clients on a journey that will change the way they think about the origins of the ingredients, and the flavours in their cocktail experience, forever.

Our Journey

Giving used objects a life beyond their original purpose was the beginning of our adventure. We started our journey by repurposing a fleet of ex-Ansett airline trolleys into mobile bars. Aeronautically engineered for efficient beverage service and designed for convenience, the mobile bar trolleys are easily transportable. We literally roll in and out on wheels with all glassware, ice and equipment neatly tucked inside. We also have a range of aviation equipment, and a Shorts 330 Aeroplane events space. See Experiences & Staging for more info.