Virtual Charity Events - The Cova Project


The Cova Project is throwing a virtual event fundraiser and screening of their brand new documentary film, 'The Cova Project: Cups, Covid and Collaboration'. This is a night of celebration, positivity and an exclusive in-depth look at what Cova has achieved in the last two years.

With a focus on empowerment, education and giving back to those in need, we can’t wait to virtually party with you during our cocktail class prior to the show! In preparation and depending on your ticket category you would have received either :

2 pre-batched cocktail syrups :

Lemon Myrtle Illawarra Plum and Roadside Apple

Or.. some delicious Lemon Myrtle leaves (Backhousia Citriodora) with instructions on how to prepare your syrup in advance of the class.

All packaged ingredients enable approximately 10 cocktails.

Virtual Charity Events - The Cova Project

Please remember to have your cocktail making gear to hand as well as booze, and lemons. The more lemons the better, around 3-6 is perfection!

If you haven’t already, check out our cocktail kits for more native, foraged goodness.

Book a date with nature. Forage your garnish, starting with edible plants you recognise. Hit us up on instagram @trolleyd if you have any questions around plants that you come across.

At Trolley’d we are huge advocates of connecting in with nature. This ethos translates to how we source our ingredients, through to how we prepare our bespoke syrups in-house and design the cocktails and beverages we serve at our events.

We also believe strongly in the reduce, reuse, recycle 

ethos. Please remember to recycle your bottles, compost your used edibles and open your eyes to the edible plant world around you!

Pull up a chair and get comfy - it's a movie night with purpose!


Virtual Charity Events - The Cova ProjectVirtual Charity Events - The Cova Project