Aviation Prop Hire

Aviation-themed outdoor event setup by Trolley'd featuring airline trolleys, umbrellas, and seating arrangements on a sunny day in a lush green park. Staff members in safety vests can be seen managing the setup. Aviation-themed outdoor event setup by Trolley'd featuring airline trolleys, umbrellas, and seating arrangements on a sunny day in a lush green park. Staff members in safety vests can be seen managing the setup.
An inflatable pool setup with colorful floaties by Trolley'd, featuring aviation-themed branding including a Trolley'd logo banner and an Ansett Australia sign. The pool is surrounded by trees, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere.

The Ultimate Showstopper

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an ascent into a world where the skies are the limit. Trolley'd Aviation Prop Hire takes your event to cruising altitude, transforming mundane gatherings into first-class experiences.

A group of people enjoying an aviation-themed outdoor setup by Trolley'd, featuring airline seats, an Ansett Australia umbrella, and a red inflatable structure. They are relaxing in a sunny park with lush green surroundings.

Cocktails at Cruising Altitude

Imagine this: you're hosting a soirée that doesn't just take off—it soars. With an abundance of aviation theming, we at Trolley'd offer more than just mobile bars; we deliver the full flight experience. Whether you're a frequent flyer or a first-time adventurer, our prop hire service is your golden ticket to an unforgettable event.

Aviation-themed outdoor event setup by Trolley'd, featuring airline trolleys, Ansett Australia umbrellas, and a full-size airplane replica in the background. The setup is in a sunny park with green grass and trees, creating an inviting and unique atmosphere.

Airline Seats and Trolleys for a Luxurious Touch

Step into our cabin and discover airline seats that invite you to recline in style, perfect for guests who wish to enjoy their cocktail at cruising altitude. Our airline trolleys, those trusty companions of mile-high indulgence, are repurposed to serve your guests with flair. And don't forget our aviation umbrellas, ensuring that even if the weather takes a nosedive, your spirits won't.

Two guests sitting and conversing on repurposed airline seats at a Trolley'd aviation-themed event. They appear to be enjoying a relaxed and engaging atmosphere, with one holding a paper airplane. The setting includes other event-goers and aviation-themed decor.

First-Class Comfort

At Trolley'd, we are the flight crew of your dreams, ready to navigate through all your party needs. With our aviation prop hire, your event won't just reach new heights—it will redefine them. So, why wait? Embark on an adventure with Trolley'd today, and let's make your next event a sky-high success.

Vibrant aviation-themed decorations at a Trolley'd event, featuring cartoon clouds, rainbows, disco balls, and colorful streamers under a canopy. The setup creates a whimsical and festive atmosphere in a sunny outdoor park setting.

The Shorts 330 Airplane:
An Iconic Centerpiece

But the pièce de résistance? Our magnificent Shorts 330 airplane, a grounded giant with tales of high skies and distant horizons. It stands as a beacon of your party's ambition, an emblem of the extraordinary.

Prepare for takeoff, and let the good times soar.


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